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Like Precious Faith Survey

At Christ Assembly, we enjoy supporting the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. We also value truth in all things and love without limits. By the grace of God, through faith, we received the free gift of salvation. We seek believers of like precious faith to support. In order to test the spirits at work in different people, we have developed a survey requesting spiritual information from people all over the world. We share that information freely, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy by the nature of our online survey. We have no control who answers a survey and may pretend to be someone else.

We send requests to people asking them take the survey. If they take the survey and certify the results, then we may share those results with anyone at any time. We offer the survey for public viewing and information. If people do not respond to our request to take the survey, then we note that action also. Believers looking to support believers of like precious faith need to know the truth about people in need of support and who decline the survey. So, please take the survey or encourage others to take the survey. Please be aware that this page is a WordPress site and it collects all kinds of information about users through Word Press, Google Analytics, various plugins, and many other tracking and analytical applications.

    Like Precious Faith Survey

    Please answer the following questions. We seek to provide information to people about your faith and actions. We may share your answers with anyone and anywhere.

    1. Your Name (required)
    2. What is your full legal name?
    3. Why do you expect that Jesus will let you into heaven?
    4. Does your salvation rest upon doing good works? YesNo
    5. Do you believe in One God, eternally and simultaneously existing as Three Divine Persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit? YesNo
    6. Do you believe that Jesus baptized you with the Holy Spirit at the moment of your salvation? YesNo
    7. Do you expect Jesus to return to the clouds of earth and snatch away living saints?YesNo
    8. Do you encourage people to be born again by grace through faith in Jesus? YesNo
    9. Do you proclaim repentance for forgiveness of sins? YesNo
    10. How many people prayed with you to receive Jesus as Savior in the last twelve months? Less than twelveMore than Twelve
    11. Can a person truly saved ever lose his/her salvation? YesNo
    12. Do you believe that everyone will be resurrected? YesNo
    13. Do you expect Jesus to reign upon the earth for a thousand years? YesNo
    14. Does the Bible teach the total depravity of unsaved man? YesNo
    15. What are your spiritual gifts?
    16. Do you meet regularly for fellowship with people using The Spiritual Gift of Prophecy? YesNo
    17. Does a prophecy from God sometimes come with some errors? YesNo
    18. Do you meet regularly for fellowship with people using The Spiritual Gift of Tongues? YesNo
    19. Do you speak in tongues with your spirit? YesNo
    20. Do you participate each week in a group meeting to remember the Lord Jesus with bread and a cup? YesNo
    21. Should females cover their heads with something other than their hair during the church service to remember Jesus? YesNo
    22. Does the Bible require females to remain silent during the church service to remember Jesus? YesNo
    23. Does the Bible allow females to exercise authority over adult males regarding church matters? YesNo
    24. Were some people born homosexual? YesNo
    25. Do you oppose same-sex marriage? YesNo
    26. Does homosexuality always involve degrading passions and exchanging the natural function for the unnatural? YesNo
    27. Do you fellowship regularly with same-sex couples? YesNo
    28. Does human life begin at conception? YesNo
    29. As part of your ministry, do you encourage some people to have an abortion? YesNo
    30. Does God ever command divorce under certain circumstances? YesNo
    31. As part of your ministry, do you counsel some people to get divorced? YesNo
    32. Does the Bible teach women to submit to their husbands in the Lord? YesNo
    33. If someone files court papers seeking to divorce that person’s spouse, does that person have a hard heart? YesNo
    34. Did Jesus die for only the sins of the elect? YesNo
    35. Do the original autographs of the Bible contain doctrinal errors? YesNo
    36. Do the original autographs of the Bible contain historical errors? YesNo
    37. What English Bible Translation do you use in your personal studies?
    38. Have you ever stopped greeting a person who brings teaching to you which conflicts with the apostle’s teaching? YesNo
    39. In your ministry, do you recognize laymen and clergy? YesNo
    40. Are you a member of the clergy? YesNo
    41. Do you review Biblical Hebrew as part of your personal Bible studies? YesNo
    42. Do you review Biblical Greek as part of your personal studies? YesNo
    43. Do you accept a title for yourself like Dr., Reverend, Senior Pastor, Elder, Chief Elder, Bishop or Apostle? YesNo
    44. Do you regularly eat with so-called believers who live in immorality? YesNo
    45. When you disciple others, what Bible translation do you use?
    46. Were you saved at the moment of you received the free gift of eternal life from the Lord Jesus? YesNo
    47. Will some people suffer torment in the Lake of Fire for eternity? YesNo
    48. Can sinners go to heaven without hearing and believing the Gospel of Jesus Christ? YesNo
    49. After becoming a believer, have you been baptized by immersion in water? YesNo
    50. Does the Bible teach baptism by immersion in water? YesNo
    51. Do people have to be baptized in water to go to heaven? YesNo

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     Christ Assembly Basics 

    Christ Assembly provides free access to various studies from the Bible, the Word of God. The studies in this website are not inspired, but God produced the Bible, consisting of sixty-nine books (39 Old Testament and 27 New Testament). The Holy Spirit inspired authors to produce original autographs of the Bible in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Those original authors wrote over the course of many centuries. They wrote divinely inspired words and every word was divinely inspired. The authors communicated in their own styles, and with their own vocabulary, but God breathed out every word of the final autographs. The words in the Bible really matter, and deserve careful study. 
    As we study, we seek to love Jesus more because His word has instructed us so that we learn His ways. Eternal life consists in knowing God the Father, and Jesus Christ Whom God sent. As the eternal God of Glory, One with His Father, the Son of God took flesh and dwelt among us. Because of His death, He used His blood to purchase our redemption. He was raised for our justification. We now live by faith in the Son of God, Who loved us and gave Himself for us. By the grace of God, the Holy Spirit abides in every born-again believer and fills us with His presence and blessings. He leads us into all truth. Jesus is the truth, and the way, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Jesus, our Lord. 
    We look forward to His imminent return to the clouds of earth, to snatch away the believers alive on earth, so that we may be forever with the Lord. When He returns to the clouds, He will bring with Him all those people in Christ who died before His return to the clouds. We encourage one another with the promises of God, Who makes our path grow brighter and brighter, until the full light of day shines forth. We love Jesus and look forward to seeing Him soon. After Jesus removes the believers from the earth, then a terrible period of seven years follows where God brings measured and precise judgments upon the people alive on earth. God cut those days of  Tribulation short, or no flesh would have been saved. Jesus will then return to earth, slay His enemies, and place His feet on the Mount of Olives where He ascended to heaven. He will then reign on earth for a thousand years, and believers will reign with Him. After the Millennial Reign of Christ, all unbelievers will be judged at the Great White Throne Judgment, and they will suffer according to their deeds done on earth. They will be cast into the Lake of Fire, a place of torment night and day for eternity, because they never received the free gift of salvation while alive on earth. One day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God. Today we invite you to come and see Jesus, and learn from Him, for He is gentle and humble in heart. Take His yoke upon you, for His burden is easy and His yoke is light. He will give you rest for your soul as you trust Him. We receive salvation only from Jesus, by faith alone in Jesus, Who gives us the free gift of eternal life. 
    We accept the teaching of the Word of God. As born again believers, baptized by Jesus with the Holy Spirit, the anointing from God teaches us all things. We love to study the Word of God as we abide in Christ Jesus our Lord. God blesses all of us when we read His word, hear His word, and heed His word. We share original studies of the Word of God without cost and we do not receive donations. We support the finances of this ministry through private means, so that we are not a burden to anyone. We oppose charging people to read books, articles, journals or other studies of the Word of God. Such work should be supported by donations, but not in prescribed amounts and not as a requirement to gain access to what God has freely provided. What God has freely given, we should freely share. Just as Paul worked making tents, so we work to support this ministry. 

     Christ Assembly License

    The author of all original material on this website retains all legal and equitable rights to the properties at issue. The author granted Christ Assembly a limited-use, revocable license to publish material on this website, while reserving all ownership rights to the original author. You may use any original material on this website to the glory of God, but you may not receive anything of value for such use. You may not receive any donations related to any original material on this website. All use of original material on this website is subject to the revocable, limited license above. You must conspicuously indicate on any use of the original material that it originated from  Any revocation of the license shall be posted on this website and all rights to use material may be revoked without prior notice. By copying and using any original material from this website, you consent to such license. Christ Assembly opposes any payment for access to studies, articles, journals, or other publications of studies concerning the Word of God. As God has freely given, so also the products of His grace should be freely shared.